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Who is Ralf Guenther?





I am on 22 May 1946 born in Loerrach,  Germany and grew up in bourgeois and fair. 
My mother's name was Marga Guenther, actually Giandana, and my father James Gavillot.
My mother died when I was 1 month old and my father had an accident on the way to deadly pick me up. 
I was raised by my grandparents, his mother's side.
I attended elementary school in Germany.
Then I went to the private Gymnasium (high school) Athenaeum in Basel, Switzerland.
Up to age 18 I lived in Germany and then up to my departure to Thailand in Switzerland.
Until my marriage I was a German citizen and had German papers. In my marriage, it was discovered that I would have the nationality of my mother as illegitimate.
So, I was Italian and Italian papers have today.
I have 4 children, Patrick, Maya, Jessica and Marc.
My talents lie in the comprehension of complicated relationships and my ability to express myself  to understand.
I am neither a physicist nor a scientist and yet have much of both.
I am not a trained electrician, let alone an electrical engineer but I have a special expertise beyond over the normal the far part.
I'm no engine builder, not a clairvoyant.
I am an inventor and yet a realist.
I am a visionary, and yet no illusionist.
I am a simple man and yet a special person.
I believe in one God and eternal life after death.
I'm the illegitimate grandson of Baron Edmond Benjamin James de Rothschild.
My father was James Gavillot.
And so I'm in a direct line descendant of King David.
The Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri has seen me in December 2002 in Jerusalem in the Old City before the stairs and me as "Rothschild" is detected. In his legacy, he reported extensively from me.
Picture of my grandfather:
Edmond James de Rothschild 
(August 19, 1845 - November 2, 1934)
My maternal grandfather was Louis Berger Bamberger.
He was the grandson of  Ludwig Bamberger.
My great-great-grandfather was Bismarck's financial advisor, founder of the Reichsbank and the father of the German Mark, Deutsche Bank and Banque Paribas.
He was in his student days in Zurich and close friend of Karl Marx, whom he influenced in respect of the financial system.
As the situation for the Jews in Germany were unbearable, his father gave him false papers and a Dutch passport in the name of Ludwig Berger worried so he could survive the "Third Reich".
After the "Nazis" murdered his parents at the outset in the campand destroyed all documentation relating to their existence and their where abouts are to be found in spite of my research at the University of Heidelberg, no more data.
Upon reaching the 50th Birthday, which falls on 22 May 1996 
I declared my secretary that I no longer get back into my office and delegate the activities of my senior staff, will liquidate, or if it is not possible. I am not one single time in my office comeback!
Since 1997 I have worked as a consultant for socially underprivileged, discriminated and marginalized groups. Land and people of many trips around the world studied. I have built wells in Africa and much more.
In 1998 I began to write books and was accepted by the Association of German Writers Association, and am in the German National Library registered as an author.
Beginning of 2010 I left Switzerland and let me down in Thailand. I decided to choose a new home Chiang Mai.  I know from traveling from Chiang Mai to Laos, Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia over land and people learn. I love Thailand and Thais as well seasoned spicy Thai food.
I started on my 4th Book entitled "The End of taboos" to write. In this regard I busied myself with the "Kathoeys", of which there should be only in Thailand, 600,000. During my research I noticed that some of the so-called "Ladyboys" can not agree and have given close attention to these tolerated by society, but unaccepted and misunderstood set people apart. Today I can say I too, except that nobody can understand me better these special people. Even the mother of a "Kathoeys" can only understand the feminine side, while the male side of this is also largely unknown to her.
What Ralf Guenther worked before? 
Training, inventions and patents of the inventor and provider of ideas and visionary Ralf Guenther. These activities and developments are now part of more than 37 years old and still relevant today.
Training (Pioneer in Photovoltaic – Solar-Power)
-Basis calculation for DC installations in the building services for schools
Training of physicists, electrical engineers, installers, architects and others for the construction of solar plants in Switzerland and Germany and the whole world.
Promotion of the first "Tour de Sol" in Switzerland by special courses for engineers as well as loans and special prices for solar cells, solar panels, batteries, chargers and other services and support during the tour of service with vehicles and provision of repair materials. (Pictures)
-The first exhibition of the "Tour de Sol" solar-electric vehicles in my commercial building in Muttenz/Basel-Switzerland  (Picture)
Sponsorship for the development of the first solar-powered boat with young engineers of the Engineering School Biel-Switzerland
Inventions and Ideas with
A) solar field
First in series-produced solar controller with battery charging and discharging and definition  of its functions (Factory)
First solar-control for house plants (Factory)
First-timer for 12 - and 24-volt DC (Factory)
First-electronics for start-PL and FL lights (Factory)
First-DC-timer produced in series (Factory)
New inverter-type (trapezoidal)
Power supply inverters to 3-phase supply
Picture of the 1st Solar facade integration in the "INELTEC" in Basel
Image of a solar roof integration (Picture)
-World's first mobile hydrogen electrolyzer plant with solar power at the fair INELTEC
(Largest international-fair for industrial electronics in Basel-Switzerland)
Definition of the solar battery with liquid electrolyte and bound
-Solar-supply of emergency telephones on motorways
-Solar-supply of livestock keepers
-Solar-powering parking meters
-Solar-power for transmitters (filling stations) and the measurements 
-The largest and world's first solar panel with 3.2 KW (Factory)
-Largest and world's first amorphous solar system with 2.8 kW (Factory)
Images of the polycrystalline and amorphous solar module, solar batteries and inverters
-First 100 KW solar power plant in Ticino in Switzerland to supply the railway network (SBB) 
Image solar plant in Ticino in Switzerland with 100 KW power
First-Alpine crossing of a free balloon with a Responder supplies with the help of special batteries and solar energy (The responder sends a radio signal which can be detected on the radar screens. Otherwise, the balloon would not be seen!)
Development of a solar-powered street lamp
Solar systems distributed plug-in for small systems with simple calculation table for everyone, for the first time on electronics trading (EM Switzerland) 
Picture of my commercial building in Muttenz, Baselland (Switzerland)
Stand of the BDW AG production in international fairs (Picture)
About the production of accumulators (batteries) for the industry (Picture)
B) field batteries (batteries)
-Fabrication of rechargeable batteries for Autophon / Ascom / Bosch / German Telecom for wireless phones, Radios for police and military. (Illustration) Explosion-proof models for the chemical and munitions factories 
-Charge in freezer warehouses of forklift batteries at -40 ° C.
-Heating for starter batteries in use in extreme cold temperatures
-Invention of an independent storage battery with a lifetime guarantee of at least 20 years
-Production of a water-tight and pressure-resistant battery for the research submarine of Piccard in the film in depth outside his U-boat.
Seat heating for hunters with rechargeable batteries
C) Other
- Heated ski boot
Cinema hub hand-and solar-powered
Ski goggles with a battery-operated windshield wipers
and much more
Drive with 2 different sized waves (Patent CH 677 544 A5)
Electromagnetic-ball motor (Patent application No. 1027/07)
Storage time-independent long-life battery
Shower with Cosmic- rays combined with Earth-rays
A special thanks goes to my former employees, to all free people, electricians, engineers, architects, designers, schools of engineering, facade and window fitters, roofers, panel beaters, charger and inverter manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany and Holland and many others I was able to run together and motivate my visions and projects, without the individual developments and realizations in the short term would not have been possible.
What makes Ralf Guenther in the future?
I am an advisor for the underprivileged, discriminated against marginalized groups
I inform about taboo topics